Who we are

Custom software & Web Application solutions.

Who we are

As the best-performing retail sites such as Amazon are all located online, it is clear that the digital revolution is upon us. The future of business is shifting toward the digital domain. We at Swart Digital think that web and mobile-based solutions are the way of the future for today’s businesses. In order to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions, our professionals have decades of expertise and innovation in their respective industries.

When it comes to working with clients, Swart Digital wants to establish a long-term partnership. It’s our job to assist you to grow your business throughout the world by providing you with qualified IT specialists, a Research and Development team, and other tools. An idealized digital environment packed with technology solutions that everybody can utilize has helped us become the industry’s leading IT firm.

What we do

We are a software development company that specializes in creating complicated yet user-friendly online apps. If you can describe it, we can likely create or develop it for you. With a broad team of professionals from around the world, Swart Digital provides cutting-edge technological solutions to large corporations as well as small and medium-sized organizations and even start-ups. Our aim is to have an affordable solutions for every problem.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

We create lasting impressions for your customers. By putting human understanding at the centre of our creative process, we eliminate assumptions and approach everything we produce with an agile and innovative mindset. Due to our inherent curiosity, we prioritize creativity and technology in our work.

Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience

We provide simple web and mobile software solutions, as well as custom software development for complex problems, at a reasonable rate.

Quotes/Costing in Plain English

Before commencing a new quote, we believe in fully informing the client of the costs associated with building and maintaining any IT web-based infrastructure. Our quotes are 100 percent accurate, which means they remain constant throughout and after the project, assuming the client does not alter the deliverables mid-stream.

Each Deadline is Adhered to

We have never failed to meet a single client deadline (deadlines are a huge problem
in the industry, the people that quote clients are un-qualified thus deadlines can
often be found to double)

Engineers with Education and Experience

We have a highly skilled team of software developers, which enables us to create custom apps on practically any platform currently available on the market, whether they are web-based or server-based.

Capability to Manage an Online Store Internally

Hosted WordPress and WooCommerce websites are accessible for clients who wish to manage their online stores themselves but still require the superior performance and functionality of a high-end e-commerce platform on the front end. This means that adding a banner or button to your website no longer requires expert development.

We Offer Online Assistance

Additionally, our extensive training programs ensure that your in-house department has access to our specialists who are ready at any time to assist you with navigating and utilizing the website.