We Design investments.

Our company is all about websites that are aesthetically pleasing but also one that functions to impress when navigated by potential customers.

We Create Your Experience.

Through visual and textual content custom designed for your company.

We reach the goal.

Our online marketing strategy integration will help you achieve optimal target market penetration in order to take your brand to profitable heights.

The right mix of digital media experts

About Us

What can you expect from Swart Digital.


Firstly, Swart digital is all about website design and development. Above all, we have been building brands that matter since 2018. We are a company that believes that we can live in a world where every product and service has an easy-to-use experience. For example, a simple online store and most importantly, on all user platforms. Moreover, our goal is to make that happen! We specializes in both UI and UX design. In other words, the user interface and the user experience. Firstly, giving our clients websites with the aesthetics they require because looks create a first impression. And secondly, a website that functions to impress when navigated by clients. In conclusion, a website that exceeds in function and appearance.

We do everything that the plugins and website builder can’t do for you.

Our team of full stack developers are made up of a multi-ethnical group of experts that are based all around the world. Meanwhile, we can provide our customers with a dedicated technical support team that is available 24/7.  As a result this is our way of providing our customers with the guarantee that the optimal functionality of their websites always remain our top priority. As our client, this means that your project has valued input. Above all, the input comes from vastly different perspectives.

Quality is what we are all about and aim to achieve. This could be made possible with your project, for example.  This will help your project to be subjected to the latest trend in best practices for industry standards. Moreover, you will not be outdated with the necessary knowledge expectations, for example. But also be functional for you to use.

Whether you’d like to start a project, learn about website development & design or just get some advice for starting a new website development project, get in touch today.

Mission Statement.


As a website development agency, we are already in an industry where a lot of the terms we use tend to be overwhelming for most John Does. What is CSS and HTML, for example. For this very reason, we keep it simple. Most importantly, ensuring that our customers know what to expect every time they start a new project with us. We are a company that believes that we can live in a world where every product and service has an easy-to-use experience. For example, a simple online store and most importantly, on all user platforms. Moreover, our goal is to make that happen!



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Our Services

To sum up, more about what we can offer you

Website Development

Backend Development: Python, Java, PHP, SQL,Git, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Fronted Development: HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Polymer, Angular JS, React JS, ReactNative, Python, ROR and TypeScript.

WordPress & E-Commerce

WordPress Services

WooCommerce Commerce Specialists
Plugin Customisation
Advanced functionality & Debugging

E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce website development services:
  • Magento I and II
  • Shopify
  • Wix

Digital Design

Graphic Design Services

Design Planning, (UI) User Interface, (UX) User Experience, Wireframe Designs, Graphic Design

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

Plugin, Theme & WordPress Updates.
Database Maintenance & Backups.
Google re-indexing and Analytics.
Changes & Recovery.

Support & Training

Training Services

Online Store Support – Products, Updates, Data Import, SEO Training, etc. Our Training solutions provide custom solutions to optimise online sales.

Why hire a web designer?

Website development involves the entire process of designing a successful web application or website. To sum up, a collaboration between a team of website designers, website developers, and graphic designers. As a result, they create a custom user experience is created for every URL that gets indexed on Google’s search engine. Meanwhile each website can be defined by its own URL (Uniform Resource Locator). As a result, it serves as the main key for making a website easily accessible on the internet. And that is what you want for your business. A URL is not simply a unique resource on the web, in the same vein it is also a unique identifier used by search engines. To determine the quality of the website that it points to in order to establish the domain’s authority, for instance.

Building a website that is fast and has strong domain authority would require a skilled team. In short, this team consists of website designers, developers, and graphic designers. All of which are available at Swart Digital Studio, certainly. First we analyze, then we conceptualize and lastly we execute.

By having a business website for example, your company will firstly look professional. Secondly, increase all users product knowledge. Thirdly, you will be able to sell your product and service. Moreover, generate leads for the business, and increase the popularity of your company.

We provide good looking designs that are backed up with the quality and technical skill to go with it. For example, product and marketing knowledge. In conclusion, our in house website design, website development & graphic design team strive to build brands that matter. We create brands that are functional, most importantly with the aesthetics to go with them.