Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns

What is an Email and SMS Marketing Campaign?

In short, an email marketing campaign is a series of emails sent to interact with customers, both current and potential. The same counts with regard to SMS campaigns. During these campaigns, it is our aim to persuade customers to engage with the brand of your business. This type of marketing is referred to as inbound marketing.


Getting the Message Out There

Email marketing campaigns, as well as SMS campaigns, can be very effective. Within a digital landscape, consumers are very active on their mobiles, smartphones, etc. Bulk customer communication targets these consumers by way of direct marketing activities, such as email, newsletter or SMS promotions. Marketing in this manner has become a vital part of any marketing strategy because we can interact with and engage your customers by announcing product-related news and by sharing important customer-relevant information. This can help to increase customer engagement, promote your brand, its products and services, or deliver urgent notifications to your audiences.

According to campaignmonitor, the marketing of this caliber can help your brand a lot. Marketing campaigns can be greatly improved by incorporating certain tactics. Amongst these are the use of split testing (conducting controlled experiments to improve brand performance). You should also incorporate a good dosage of storytelling in your campaign. This will be a little bit less possible in the case of SMS campaigns. You can also use a call to action buttons to introduce users to your funnel. Incorporate welcome emails, and always send relevant content. Try to segment your list and always measure results. Frequent email and SMS campaigns are also a good way to keep your audience engaged.

Swart Digital stands ready to assist you with bulk communication in the sense of email marketing campaigns, and SMS campaigns.

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