Integrated Marketing

Feb 11, 2019 | Business, Marketing, Swart Digital Services

Integrated Marketing Defined

With “Integrated Marketing” we understand the approach to create a unified experience for consumers to interact with a brand. Integrated marketing combines all aspects of marketing communication. These include the following. Advertising, direct marketing, sales promotions, social media engagement, and public relations. You can see that it is all-encompassing. So, it uses a mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities as a unified force. In doing so, the marketing agency can ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels. Furthermore, they can also ensure that these centers on the target audience specific to the relevant brand.

Integrated Marketing Saves Money

Indeed, it can save your business money. According to goldminddigital, if you have a clear, consistent message for your campaign, then you are set. You then do not require a stockpile of images, press releases, and more media than needed. All you need to do is to produce the required materials and publish them across the multiple chosen channels. The content you use for print advertising can then easily be used for the social media portion. As a result, you spend less time strategizing since you develop marketing communications around one core campaign message. Integrated marketing campaigns boost sales and are also precisely what the public wants and craves from brands. That is why Swart Digital, your organic marketing solution, embrace the integrated marketing methodology. We will provide strategic, business and partnership support for the benefit of your Brand’s Identity.  

What is Brand Identity?

Is it your logo? Maybe only your color palette? What about just your infographic style? Well, it is all that and so much more. In fact, brand identity is how any business presents itself to the world, and to its customers. It is the way it wants to be perceived by these consumers. You should not confuse brand identity with the brand image. Brand image is the successful or unsuccessful result of the brand identity efforts. At Swart Digital we know too well that both of these aspects must be addressed during any marketing campaign. To us, brand identity is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to people. Because we embrace an integrated marketing approach and because we keep it organic, we are the preferred solution for you.   Contact us today for a memorable marketing journey with us at SWART Digital.

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