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Website Design vs. Web Development, what is the difference?

Website design and website development are two completely different specialty services. Both these services are involved in the overall proses of building a fully functional website. It is important to understand that a website designer and a website developer, are not the same thing. Website designers and website developers have completely different skillsets that when combined can produce a fully functional website.


Website design refers directly to how the website appears visually and how easy it is for users to navigate through it. According to the new page experience update by Google Search Engine, a websites UX core web vitals will now play a large roll in the overall ranking algorithm that is used to determine the position or ranking of a website in the search results.

Website Development refers to the entire back-end structure of a website. This provides each website with its own unique set of features to function as a working and usable website. The back end of a website is build by a website developer that has an advanced understanding, as well as the ability to write website programing languages such as HTML, CSS, Java script, PHP and many others into fully functioning websites.

A Website designer works on the front end of a website, this includes the layout, user map, wireframes, artwork, and any other front-end related elements of the website. This is to ensure that the user experience is pleasant and accurate. Web designers analyze a client’s website objective to establish the hierarchy of information with their main objective always focused on guiding the entire website design process.

Website designers play an important role in the planning of a new website by creating wireframes and visual representations of layout possibilities. Website designers are able to form an accurate assumption on how a website will be preserved in terms of functionality and the overall user experience before making the website live. The main function of a website designer in the overall website development process is to ensure that a website is perceived correctly up to a client’s online marketing objective.

A web developer is responsible for programming the code that “tells” a website how to function. A developer builds a website from the bottom up, which means designing it in such a way that end users have no difficulty navigating the site.

Web development can be divided into three parts: code that executes in a web browser and determines what customers or clients will see when they land on a website (client-side scripting); code that executes on a web server and powers the behind-the-scenes mechanics of how a website works (server-side scripting); and database technology, which helps to keep a website running smoothly and efficiently. Large-scale web projects often divide these tasks among multiple web developers & web designers.

Why hire a website designer?


Website development involves the entire process of designing a successful web application or website. Through a collaboration between a team of website designers, website developers, and graphic designers, a custom user experience is created for every URL that gets indexed on Google’s search engine. Each website can be defined by its own URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which serves as the main key for making a website easily accessible on the internet. A URL is not simply a unique resource on the web, it is also a unique identifier used by search engines to determine the quality of the website that it points to in order to establish the domain’s authority.

Building a website that is fast and has strong domain authority would require a skilled team of website designers, developers, and graphic designers. All of which are available at Swart Digital Studio.


The benefits of a website:

By having a business website, your company will not only look professional, but also increase product knowledge, sell your product or service, generate leads for the business, and increase the popularity of your company.

What is our website design and development process?

Our website design & development company is available throughout South Africa. We are quick to reply to emails, answer phone calls and get projects done, as a result, have a treasure chest full of happy customers. We build brands that matter and believe that we can live in a world where all platforms are easy to use, by both yourself and your client, and our mission is to make this happen.

Step 1: Analysing and understanding the client.

Firstly, we aim to understand each of our new clients by setting up an informal discussion over a web or mobile meeting. This helps us to get comfortable with each client’s unique likes and dislikes. In turn, this also provides us with a better understanding of the expectations of the relevant project. Once we have a full understanding of the entire project scope, we will be able to provide you with a detailed quote that outlines the total amount of deliverables as well as the development costs involved.

Step 2: Online Marketing strategy development.

We will develop the appropriate and lucrative digital marketing strategy relevant to your unique brand to formulate the best game plan to achieve your desired result at the beginning of the design phase. This will allow you as the customer to have a website that is marketing ready when implementing the launch.

Step 3: Wireframes, website design and development.

After our initial briefing, we will create & develop conceptual wireframes and ideas, along with price discussion to ensure that we are on the right track. Our client’s demands are the most important to use throughout this process. Secondly, we start the visual phase. Where we create the site and wireframe models to ensure optimal user experience. We provide good looking designs that are backed up with the quality and technical skill to go with it.

Step 4: Customisation and Beta testing

Along with our client’s approval, we optimize your content for both your visitors as well as for your daily use. We believe that website design should be easy to use not only for your clients but for yourself as well. Making it possible for your in-house sales team to manage certain aspects of your online store and website. Afterwards, our team of web developers and designers optimise your website to a responsive interface for all devices.

In conclusion, our in house website design, website development & graphic design team strive to build easy to use good looking websites that can be managed by your in house sales team. We create websites that are functional, with the aesthetics to go with them.

Whether you’d like to start a project, learn about what we can do for you or just talk over a great cup of coffee, one of our design professionals would be happy to assist with your design needs. Click here to get in touch.


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